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Arion Legacy Microphone Adapter for Deep Sonar Headphones


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Designed for Deep Sonar Headphones

Upgrade your Deep Sonar headphones into gaming / voice chat headsets only when you need it.

2m Extension Cable with Audio/Microphone Splitter

Designed specifically for those with a desktop PC or laptop that uses separate audio output and microphone input ports.

Flexible & Detachable

Easily adjust to individual needs and always in the best spot when gaming or chatting. Easily removable for storage or travel.

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[/tab][tab title="Designed For"] [/tab][tab title="Download"]Arion Legacy ARH01 Gaming Microphone Adapter - [English][/tab][/tabs]
The ARH01 PC Microphone Adapter adds clear voice to your digital world. Specifically designed for the PC, this flexible adjustable microphone is a cost effective way to upgrade your Deep Sonar music headphones to PC headsets. Works great for online chats and gaming with teammates. Split audio / microphone cables.