Chino, CA, January 20, 2014 – Eagle Tech, a leading provider of consumer electronic solutions, is taking a leap forward with the combination of invigorating audio and sleek design with the Alienvibes® EP02. This newest addition to the headphone collection brings a greater level of features and benefits to experience powerful, intimate sounds and commanding style. Designed for the extreme audiophile, the Alienvibes® EP02 features comfortable, over-the-ear cushion and true active noise cancelation to create an ideal environment for your music to shine.

The new Alienvibes® EP02 provides the user with a highly luxurious and comfortable profile alongside advanced audio drivers that deliver powerful and uncompromised sound.

“Headphones have grown to become a representation of one’s individual style, character, and tastes. It isn’t just about what you hear you anymore, but also how you hear it and how you feel that matters”, says Eagle Tech CEO Joan Wang. “The Alienvibes® EP02 is ideal for those who crave a higher quality sound for nearly every moment in their lives. Many of our on-the-go customers will surely appreciate the noise-canceling technology to help them escape from the daily grind and hear the sounds that matter”.

The Alienvibes® EP02 advances Eagle Tech’s headphone category with an over-the-ear collection that brings together ultramodern design, great sound, and comfortable fit. Featuring a polished casing, soft-ear cushions, and foldable headband, it also comes with a carrying case for easy and proper storage and protection. Crafted for all of the individuals who demand a supreme audio experience no matter the condition, the high-definition 40mm acoustic drivers create a new world of sound.

Furthermore, the EP02 is a true active noise cancelation headphone, which means its components are built to proactively monitor and counteract outside noises, for a quieter atmosphere so your music sounds more pleasant and undisturbed. The ear cushions feature soft, breathable leather for extra comfort over extended listening periods. The thickness of the cushions also help dampen outside noises, allowing for more natural, relaxed sound levels.

The EP02 infuses advanced audio technologies like neodymium magnets – Earth’s most powerful magnet, to produce full range, high definition audio with extreme clarity and deep, explosive bass. With the ability to release and tighten all the lows and highs extremely quickly, it handles high-resolution audio with ease and delivers an elevated state of music where the sounds you hear are the sounds that you want.


The Alienvibes EP02 headphone is available now online at Amazon.com, Macmall.com, Newegg.com, Tigerdirect.com and other future US retailers to come.

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