Arion Legacy Deep Sonar 550 2.1 Speakers 86W

Arion Legacy Deep Sonar 550 2.1 Speakers 86W

Deep Sonar



There's hardly a feeling greater than plugging in a fresh set of computer speaker systems and playing your favorite songs - believe us, we value that feeling too. When everything sounds right, you get the experience that makes you feel moved, inspired, and connected to the sounds, that's what we strive to create in every speaker system. Think of the last time you tried to watch a movie or played music with lack-luster speakers - it just doesn't sound enjoyable and almost becomes painful to listen to. A speaker system can either make or break your experience, so why take chances?

Perfect for Everyday Home Audio

The Deep Sonar 550 Extreme Clarity is our best all-around 2.1 PC speaker system with subwoofer and control box. Bring high-definition sound to your PC, laptop, or TV - it even works with smartphones and tablets if you use the auxiliary plug.  Stock TV speakers can have pretty bad sound quality, that's why a lot of our members trust us with the Deep Sonar speaker systems to affordably upgrade their home theater. With the control box, there's 3 different ways you can connect it to a TV. Each TV brand and model connects to speakers differently, and we made sure we covered all the angles.

Dual 4-inch Subwoofers Bring Depth & Realsim

The Deep Sonar 550 holds large, dual 4-inch subwoofers that deliver powerful bass that can shake your whole room and even annoy some of your neighbors. Whether you enjoy low volumes or are in charge of the music for parties, the Deep Sonar 550 has virtually no distortion so you can enjoy crisp, powerful, quality sound no matter how you use it.

Wood Construction for Tight, Accurate Sounds

Where others skimp on quality by going with boring square-shaped plastic cabinets; we focus on using only custom-shaped wooden cabinets to house our acoustic drivers. The result is rich, natural tones that will fill your room quite nicely.

Microphone Extension for Gamers

For our gamer's out there or those that do video calls over the internet, the control box has a microphone port that acts as an extension to your PC. Without this, you would have to connect your mic directly to your PC's tower, which sometimes means crawling and reaching around your computer which can be pretty inconvenient. With the control box, you connect your microphone to the front of the control box, and then use the included 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable to connect the "Mic Output" to your mic port on your PC.

Easily Pair With Your Home Audio Devices

Play your games the way they were meant to be experienced. The Deep Sonar 550 is compatible with your PlayStation or XBOX consoles - for XBOX users, an HDMI audio adapter will be needed to connect the speaker system. If you're going to game, game like you mean it. This speaker system will put you at the center of the action and make your surroundings sound more real and powerful.

Easy Access Control Box

The Deep Sonar 300 comes with a unique control center that sits on your desktop to give you easier access to your sound settings. Old speakers will have the settings and power button at the back of the woofer, which made changing anything a hassle. The control box sits nicely on your desktop and lets you control everything from: headset, mic, auxiliary port, bass, treble, volume, audio in/output, and power. The speaker system is AC powered and comes with an included power cable.


» Dedicated tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers reproduce a wide range of dynamics in almost every type of music genre.
»The desktop control box eliminates bending over and reaching down to the subwoofer. Adjust all of your sounds settings and in/outputs from one central location.
» Stylish, metal grilles protect the components from damages, kick-ins, and push-ins.
» Enjoy extra long speaker cables: 10 ft. between left and right speaker satellites, 6.5 ft. between subwoofer and control box, 8.5 ft. between control box and power adapter, and 6.5 ft. between PC and control box.
» A powerful, robust power supply and built-in amplifier, power transformer, heat sinks, and storage capacitors provide the power to process large amounts of power to handle anything you throw at it.

Total Peak Power: 86 Watts
Total RMS Power: 39 Watts
Satellite RMS Power: 7.5 Watts x 2
Subwoofer RMS Power: 12 Watts x 1
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
Satellite Drivers: 3 inch woofer and 1 inch tweeters in each wooden cabinet
Subwoofer Drivers: Dual 4 inch subwoofer in wooden cabinet
Satellite Dimensions: 4.18 x 10.56 x 5.99 inches
Subwoofer Dimensions: 7.96 x 11.89 x 9.61 inches
Control Box Dimensions: 6.50 x 1.97 x 6.11 inches
USB Power Output: 5V / 1A810540020464
UPC: 810540020471
Works with: gaming consoles, computers, music players, TVs, DVD players, tablets, smartphones, and other audio sources with 3.5 mm output

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