SSD/HDD Hard Drive Protective Storage Carrying Box

SSD/HDD Hard Drive Protective Storage Carrying Box




The Ineo I-NC10 10 Slot SATA/IDE HDD Carrying Case takes the fear out of traveling with your most valuable data. Built for massive storage of massive data, the I-NC10 empowers you to safeguard up to ten 3.5 inch hard drives without leaving a single kilobyte behind. Individual slots help you easily manage and organize your disk drives. Combined with a tough and robust protective box to armor against physical damage; your drives get the proper protection they truly need.

Dust, Shock, Water Proof
Built for the elements, the I-NC10 HDD Carrying Case provides complete weather resistant technology against dust, static, and liquid splash. With quality in its construction, the sealed barriers prevent harmful particles and substances from corrupting your drives. Store and travel with absolute confidence.

Multiple Hard Drive Slots
Designed for IT and business professionals with heavy data demands, the I-NC10 HDD Carrying Case eliminates the need for multiple hard drive cases that become a nuisance to manage. It provides up to 10 slots so your hard drives are organized and protected in one convenient location.

Inside Out Protection
Inside the I-NC10 HDD Carrying Case is a soft, cushion material that provides a steady, organized fit for your drives while on the go. The durable aluminum case provides supreme and heavy-duty protection against hard and physical impact.

Top handle
Carry all of your hard drives comfortably with a built-in handle. Storing your hardware in laptop bags or individual cases can take up valuable space; the I-NC10 not only provides full hardware protection but also carrying comfort.

Flip locks
The cases flip locks provide a sturdy and tight seal to keep your drives right where they belong, inside. Avoid the unnecessary dangers of your hardware falling out while commuting and taking the fear out of data storage and travel.


  • Aluminum Suitcase for 3.5 inch drives
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Aluminum outer shell with anti static, anti vibration inner shell
  • Drive Size: 3.5-inch
  • Number of drives: Fits up to 10 drives

Additional Information

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