Arion Legacy AR302 2.0 Speakers 12W

Arion Legacy AR302 2.0 Speakers 12W

Arion Legacy



Although it only sits at 5.72 inches tall and 3.43 inches wide, the AR302 satellites hold 3-inch high output drivers that deliver room filling sound to satisfy all of your music and multimedia needs. With 3 Watts RMS power, you experience a speaker system that delivers exceptionally well-balanced audio with minimal distortion.

The AR302-BK speakers were designed to go hand in hand with all of your MP3, CD, PC, video gaming, and home audio systems. For such a small and compact sized speaker, the sound that it produces is quite the complete opposite. With exceptional tonal fidelity, the AR302 surprises with its ability to handle your music and media with high quality reproduction. It responds nicely with midranges and dares to extend into higher-frequency audio ranges making the AR302 a speaker system that strives to deliver its absolute best, and then some. The satellites feature all wood cabinets with an accent of smooth polished black, adding a clean, modern taste to any audio device it syncs with.

With stiff and light cone materials wrapped around solid wooden enclosures, the AR302 houses the power to amplify your overall sound levels accurately and precisely. Unlike its cheaper counterparts that skimp on quality with plastic cases, our use of wooden enclosures ensure that the sound that resonates is on an entirely different level so that you hear exactly what you are expecting.

    The AR302 powers up right out of the box within seconds. Simply connect the satellites speakers to one another using the 3.5mm connectors, and connect the power cable to the AC outlet. Its light and compact size makes placing the speakers anywhere easy and effortless. Set it up alongside your laptop, PC, or video game console and play on.

    For your ease of use, we placed the control dials and input jacks on the front of satellite. Powering on/off, adjusting volume levels, and syncing up with your headphones is effortless. Forget the hassle of reaching around to tight, uncomfortable spaces we put you at the center of control.

      Total Peak Power: 12 Watts
      Total RMS Power: 6 Watts Satellite RMS Power: 3 Watts x 2
      Satellite RMS Power: 5 Watts x 2
      Subwoofer RMS Power: N/A
      Frequency Response: 40Hz to 18kHz
      Satellite Drivers: 3 inch woofers in wooden cabinet
      Subwoofer Drivers: N/A
      Satellite Dimensions: 3.43 x 5.72 x 3.43 inches
      Subwoofer Dimensions: N/A
      UPC: 718122137442
      Works with: gaming consoles, computers, music players, TVs, DVD players, tablets, smartphones, and other audio sources with 3.5 mm output

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