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Arion Legacy Deep Sonar 300 Powered 2.1 Computer PC Speakers with Subwoofer & Control Box 72W


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The Deep Sonar 300 is your perfect upgrade that combines the best of price, performance, and style in a compact 2.1 sound system. Its dedicated subwoofer delivers unparalleled midrange - which is the most important part of your music and movie.

The Deep Sonar 300 uses all wooden cabinets to deliver rich, and accurate sound suitable for music and movie experiences.


Refined Midrange

Acoustically tuned woofers deliver clear and cohesive audio where it matters the most.

Desktop Control Box

No more bending over or reaching down to the subs. Now you can easily 
- Adjust volume, bass, treble
- Switch between input 1 and input 2
- Connect headphones, microphone
- Charge smartphones, tablets, MP3 players or Bluetooth adapters

Custom Shaped Wooden Cabinets

The shape, size and material of our wooden cabinets bring out higher sound quality, richer tone and more detail in your music.

Metal Grill

Prevent damage from push-ins, rips, tears, and accidental kick-ins.

Audio Pass Thru

Native audio pass-thru so you can enjoy music even without batteries! Batteries are required only when you turn on enhanced audio output or active noise cancellation.

Extra Long Detachable Cables

Avoid audio signal degradation by eliminating extension cables. Now you can easily extend up to:
- 10 feet between left and right satellites
- 6.5 feet between subwoofer and control box
- 8.5 feet between control box and power adapter
- 6.5 feet between PC and control box

Robust Power Supply & Amp

The power transformer, heat sinks, and storage capacitors are large, and have plenty of capacity to process large amounts of power to handle loud dynamic peaks without distortion.


  • Total Peak Power : 72 Watts
  • Total RMS Power : 33 Watts
  • Satellite RMS Power : 7.5 Watts x 2
  • Subwoofer RMS Power :
  • Frequency Response : 40Hz to 18kHz
  • Satellite Drivers : 3 inch woofers and 1 inch tweeter
  • Satellite Dimensions : 3.94 x 7.13 x 3.94 inches
  • Subwoofer Dimensions : 7.01 x 7.04 x 8.03 inches
  • Control Box Dimensions: 6.50 x 1.97 x 6.11 inches
  • USB Power Output: 5V / 1A