Portable Bluetooth Keyboard Slim Size

Portable Bluetooth Keyboard Slim Size



KB200B-WH Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

The KB200B-WH Portable Bluetooth Keyboard is designed for tablet users who demand more productivity out of their mobile devices. It fills in the gaps where touch-screen capability just seems to fall short. This portable keyboard gives you the power you need to type up notes and documents, chat with friends, or search the Internet faster and easier. At just 14.9 ounces and 19.09 inches wide, the KB200B is a lightweight and compact keyboard that makes storage and carry extremely easy. The featured ultra-thin scissor key structure produces sound and responsive feedback, so you can type easier and more effectively. It syncs up seamlessly with any popular smartphone or tablet, and offers extremely low power consumption for longer usage through extensive hours and commutes. The KB200B presents a portable solution that brings all the benefits and capabilities of a traditional full-size keyboard to your mobile or tablet device.

Easy Connection

The KB200B can detect and sync with your mobile or tablet device easily. Simply install the included AAA batteries, press the Bluetooth connection button located at the back to enter pairing mode, locate its profile on your device, connect, and you are good to go. Give your device a whole new level of functionality and productivity in a matter of seconds.

Low Power Usage

The KB200B requires little power to operate, so you can rest assured you’ll get the most out of it during long meetings, working sessions, or when using media entertainment. The keyboard is powered by replaceable batteries so that any power disruptions can be easily be fixed, so you can get back to instant messaging your friends, researching on the internet, or typing up those important notes for work or class. Whatever the use may be, the KB200B is prepared to provide long lasting use to see you through, word for word.

Versatile Control Functions

With 78 keys that include media control and shortcut commands, the KB200B makes using and navigating around your mobile device easier and enjoyable. Adjust the brightness, volume levels, media playback, and a multitude of functions without having to touch your phone or tablet. A special on-screen keyboard function allows you to continue using your device’s keyboard even if you’re away from the keyboard. Its navigation keys are universal across all Bluetooth devices; with only a few shortcut commands unique to certain devices.

Low Power LED Light Indicator

The KB200B features a convenient low power LED light indicator to notify you when your batteries are just about out of juice. With this, you can avoid having to replenish the keyboard's power at inconvenient times. We took the guessing out of the game to help you stay ready and prepared for the moments where you simply can’t afford to power down.

Ultra-thin and Lightweight

Carrying and traveling with the KB200B is easy with its lightweight and compact design. Weighing just 14 ounces and extending only 19 inches, this keyboard is barely noticeable when stored in your work or travel bag. And without the use of any wires, it helps remove the clutter from your desktop and connects to your mobile device without any cords, any hassle. It is ultra slim and is able to slide in easily alongside your other belongings without taking up a whole lot of room.

  • Bluetooth Version: 2.0+EDR
  • Keyboard: 78 keys (scissor type)
  • Product Dimension: 19.09 x 5.11 x 0.79 inches
  • Net Weight: 14.9 ounces
  • Package Contents : KB200B-WH Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablets & Smartphones, User Manual, 2 x AAA Batteries

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