Quality Material

Quality Material



When it comes to sound reproduction, there is no absolute statement that can claim that wood is 100% better than plastic. However, what can be stated, is that wood has more influential and beneficial properties to sound in comparison to plastic materials. At Arion Legacy, we utilize a natural phenomenon and apply it to all of our products and designs. The idea is to deliver you, the user, sound that is dynamic, yet clear and accurate with little to no distortion. Now, hopefully I’ve drawn your attention, enough to explain why.

Naturally, wood panels absorb unwanted noise and vibrations, which “naturally” means that it improves any acoustic properties with any setting it is being applied to or used for. In our case, we are applying the materials to speaker systems. More specifically, medium density fiberboard (MDF) materials used to help create speaker enclosures that are solid, durable, and efficient in eliminating unwanted noise.

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