Neptor 5600mAh Portable Battery Charger

Neptor 5600mAh Portable Battery Charger




Neptor the newest member of the Eagle Tech family shows a fresh, colorful, and attractive side to technology. The Neptor product line gives more energy, charge, and connectivity to your favorite mobile devices. Imagine a battery charger so small that you can carry it with you everywhere, so powerful that it can give your phone up to 4 full charges, so versatile that it can handle two devices at once, so silky smooth that you just want to hold it, and so colorful that you just want to look at it. The Neptor NP056k strikes a fine balance between technology and fashion. It is a high quality portable external battery charger that serves multiple-device users in a whole new way.

Two Powerful Charging Ports

Being able to recharge multiple times is good, but being able to charge two devices at the same time is even better. The Neptor NP056K is designed with an ultra powerful DC converter capable of pumping 3.1A in total output. This allows you to charge two devices at full speed: one 2.1A (tablets) and one 1.0A (smartphones) at same time. The NP056K is a versatile battery pack that handles two mobile devices with super efficiency, perfect for frequent travelers.

Intelligent Variable Charge

The NP056K uses genuine NEC chip to detect most device type for fastest and safest charges, automagically. On compatible smartphones, a 10 minute fast charge gives you roughly 40 minutes of talk time and a 1 hour charge gives you roughly 80% of the total capacity. The NP056K also monitors charging conditions to adjust its rate of charge (prolonging the lifespan of your mobile devices in the process), automagically.

New Way to Shine

The Neptor battery pack lights up to provide extra visibility with a flashlight feature. Simply press the power button twice to turn the flashlight on or off. The Neptor NP056K flashlight uses an energy efficient LED light bulb that never needs replacing.

Velvety Smooth and Colorful

Charge your gadgets in a pretty way. Add some color and design to your boring tablets and phones. The Neptor battery chargers come in a velvety-smooth rubber housing for luxuriously soft and sleek sensations. Grab hold of the device's smooth surface and feel it sink comfortably into the palms of your hands. Are you the the type to forget charging cables? Relax, we got you covered. The NP056K comes with color-matching USB cable so you can easily find it in your purse or pocket. The included USB cable is also rubber-enclosed to offer greater protection and is tangle-free. Enjoy connecting your devices easier and faster, stop fumbling for charging cables that you always forget to bring or cant find.

High Quality, Durability, and Protection

At the heart of the NP056K lies a genuine NEC converter and high quality rechargeable lithium batteries by Samsung. These components undergo strict quality control to ensure low defective rates. All Neptor batteries are real in capacity and come pre-charged ready for immediate use. They suffer no memory effects, meaning the NP056K can be recharged anytime you like, with excellent long-term power performance and durability.

Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium
Battery Capacity: 5600mAh
Charging Ports: One 2.1A & One 1.0A (Total Output 3.1A)
Flashlight Bulb: LED
Charging Time: ~7 Hours @ 1.0A
Charging Cable: Color Matching Micro USB
Subwoofer Drivers: N/A
Lanyard: Color Matching Lanyard
Dimensions: 3.97 x 1.93 x 0.98 inches
Works with: iPhone, Galaxy S6, iPad, iPad mini, and more!
UPC NP056K-BL: 810540020044
UPC NP056K-GR: 810540020051
UPC NP056K-OR: 810540020013
UPC NP056K-PU: 810540020020
UPC NP056K-RD: 810540020037

NP056K User Manual

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