Eagle Tech Introduces Ineo's I-NC25 16 Slot 2.5" HDD Protective Carrying Case (Jan.20.2014)

Eagle Tech Introduces Ineo's I-NC25 16 Slot 2.5" HDD Protective Carrying Case (Jan.20.2014)



    January 20, 2014

    Eagle Tech, a leading provider of consumer electronic solutions, introduces the Ineo® I-NC25, a 16 slot 2.5” HDD protective carrying case that takes the fear out of data storage and travel. Built for massive storage of massive data, the Ineo® I-NC25 supports up to 16 hard drive disks and is constructed inside and out to provide supreme protection. Inside its shell, the case features highly soft cushion with slots that tightly hug your disk drives, keeping them organized and in-place while stationary or on the go. Outside, it is constructed with heavy-duty, durable aluminum for ultimate shield against any type of physical impact.

    Designed for the tech savvy consumers in IT, the Ineo® I-NC25 combines portability, durability, and convenience for greater ease and a piece of mind when transporting large amounts of hard drive disks. As like other carrying cases from Ineo®, the I-NC25 features advanced water, dust, and shock proof technology to give your disk drives a 360 degree level of defense.

    In today’s digital world, we are constantly pushing for larger storage space in our hard drives. With this increase comes an increase in valuable and important content and information that we hold. For our consumers involved heavily in IT and everyone who stores a massive amount of data, the Ineo® I-NC25 provides an ideal solution for easily managing, transporting, and protecting all of your hard drives” notes CEO of Eagle Tech Joan Wang.

    » Ineo I-NC25 16 Slot 2.5” HDD Carrying Case: Heavy-Duty, Durable, Massive
    » Protection against shock, dust, water for 16x 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD
    » Aluminum case lined with high density foam
    » Top handle flip locks

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