The Sound of Progress: EagleTech Advances in the Bluetooth Speaker Category (Mar.08.2013)

The Sound of Progress: EagleTech Advances in the Bluetooth Speaker Category (Mar.08.2013)



    March 08, 2013

    EagleTech USA, a leading manufacturer of high quality audio products, is proud to showcase the Arion ET-AR204B, a 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker System featuring pair-and-play, and 30-foot wireless range so you can play your media from just about anywhere in your home without missing a beat.

    For those that want to bring convenience to their lives, the Arion ET-AR204B offers all of the benefits of wireless technology – control your entire music and media playback, all from your handheld mobile or tablet device. It’s built in wall mount brackets and 3.5mm audio cable will let you easily turn it into your very own home theater setup at the push of a button.

    “The ET-AR205B is another step for us towards the Bluetooth speakers category. With this, we wanted to be able to give our consumers a product with simple intuitive setup, combined with great sound quality, convenience, and control over their media” – EagleTech USA.

    The speakers are very easy to setup and at just 6.5 pounds, they can be easily transported anywhere. Now you can enjoy the experience of taking your entertainment indoors or outdoors – from backyard barbecues, patios, movie nights, to your very own living room, the ET-AR204B is suitable for any occasion.

    Equipped with 14 Watts of RMS(root mean square) power, the ET-AR204B is optimized to provide a well-performing audio system for individuals. Its frequency response reaches up to 20kHz, to ensure you have an enriching, and fullness of all of your sounds. The system is built with just the right blend and balance of components and specifications, and the result is a speaker system that produces a consistent and powerful sound for the gamers, movie-lovers, and music junkies.

    Responding to the trend of wireless technology, which shows a growing interest and demand for Bluetooth audio systems, EagleTech is spearheading its signature line of wireless speaker systems that serve to give consumers all the portability and versatility for more value and convenience in their lives.

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